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Bradford Marine Fort Lauderdale – Over 40 Years of Excellence
One of The World’s Largest Undercover Yacht Repair Facilities.

Freeport, Grand Bahama Address
100 Queen’s Highway
Freeport, Grand Bahama

Refit & Repair
Tel: 242-352-7711

Bradford Marine’s commitment to excellence and impressive facilities give our customers the finest in quality and service for yacht repair and refit. With over forty years experience, this full service yacht yard has become one of the premier yacht service yards in the world. While Bradford Marine was still under development in 1967, the Company hauled out its first megayacht, the 130 foot Fontainebleau II. The haul out & lift department used our 300 ton Synchrolift marine elevator and has hauled out thousands of the world’s finest yachts of up to 150 feet in length since then. Using the side carriage transfer system, Bradford Marine can provide over 1,000 linear feet of drydock space.

In addition to its lifting capacity, Bradford Marine also has one of the world’s largest in-water, undercover repair and refit facilities. Our covered slips can handle vessels up to 180 feet. Our 11,000 linear feet of slips and service bays means that whatever the weather’s doing, Bradford Marine can always deliver its repairs on time, as well as provide customers covered storage while their vessels are being repaired. We also can provide long-term covered storage should you desire. Our Dockmaster’s department can arrange all your storage needs.

Bradford Marine’s shipyard work force is made up of the industry’s fully trained craftsmen and technicians. They work with top state-of-the-art equipment and tools to provide the very best in service. Our Machine Shop, for example, is equipped to make propeller shafts and possesses the latest in optical alignment gear to make sure they run true. As a complement to the machine shop, there is a Propeller Shop with a dynamic balancer to make sure the props are correct as well. The Carpentry Shop is staffed by an experienced team of experts in joinery, deck laying, and cabinetry. Bradford Marine is also renowned for providing the absolute finest in paint jobs. Our other expert workers are found in Air-Conditioning/Electrical, Welding, Fiberglass and Hydraulic Departments.

Bradford Marine’s team of yacht specialists will check for damage and maintenance needs as soon as a yacht is hauled and make the recommendations for repairs on the spot. Having all the different trades and equipment on site, providing a full service yacht yard, translates into less expensive refits and repairs with the quickest turnaround time.

Yacht Repair

Bradford Marine is one of the finest yacht repair and refit yacht yards in the world. Our efficient work is unsurpassed in quality and reliability. From small jobs to complete yacht refits, Bradford Marine Fort Lauderdale has the quickest turnaround time for an fair price. Bradford Marine’s shipyard provides only the highest level of craftsmen and technician specialists to operate the most current machinery on the market. Our shipyard departments consist of: Painting and Refinishing, Lift & Haul-Out, Mechanical Repair, Welding & Metal Repair, Fiberglass Repair/Fabrication, Carpentry Shop, Hydraulics, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Engine Service, Purchasing, Undercover Dockage and Naval Architecture, making Bradford Marine Fort Lauderdale one of the largest full service undercover yacht repair facilities in the world.

  • Painting and Refinishing – Over the years, Bradford Marine’s state-of-the-art yacht painting facility has earned a reputation for the highest standard in the mega-yacht painting industry.
  • Lift & Haul-Out – Bradford Marine prides itself on its 300 ton Synchrolift marine elevator. We can accommodate yachts up to 155′ (47m) in length & 250 Tons in weight. If your yacht is over 156′, it can be accommodated at Bradford Marine Bahamas in Freeport, where our floating drydock can perform a yacht haul out and service vessels up to 230′ (70m) in length & 1200 Tons in weight.
  • Mechanical Repair – Bradford Marine’s Mechanical Department offers a broad scope of customized services designed to fit each yacht’s individual needs. Complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
  • Welding & Metal Repair – For our qualified, certified welders, no project is too big or too small. From yacht extensions to a small dent, they can do it all.
  • Fiberglass Repair/Fabrication – Bradford Marine’s Fiberglass & Composite Department benefits from its top-notch, experienced technicians. Specialized in yacht fiberglass repairs, we employ the latest techniques and use only the highest-quality materials for your yacht’s fiberglass project or repair.
  • Carpentry – Bradford Marine’s Carpentry Department is committed to old world craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on its quality, versatility and understanding of our client needs, assuring total satisfaction.
  • Hydraulics – Bradford Marine’s Hydraulics Department prides on its diversity in knowledge and manpower to install and service all onboard hydraulic systems.
  • Air Conditioning & Electrical – Bradford Marine’s certified technicians in yacht air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical strive to maintain the highest quality standards at a competitive cost. Our technicians are thoroughly trained on a wide variety of European-and American-made equipment.
  • Engine Service – Our Engine Service Department is customer-oriented with commitment to do all jobs professionally, quickly and efficiently, thus setting the standard for value in the industry.
  • Purchasing – Bradford Marine’s Parts Department specializes in the purchasing, international sourcing and prompt delivery of marine equipment, parts and replacements for any kind of yacht.
  • Undercover Dockage – Since Bradford Marine is one of the world’s largest undercover yacht repair and refit facilities, your mega yacht could not be better off than with us. Your vessel will be protected from the sun and the rain in our undercover dockage while it’s being repaired.
  • Naval Architecture – Bradford Marine has a well-qualified senior Naval Architect on staff and others readily available. Our combined naval architecture knowledge, using the latest computer technology, can make new projects and ideas come to life for you.

Bradford Marine Shipyard Locations

Bradford Marine Fort Lauderdale Shipyard

Bradford Marine is located only five miles up the New River from Port Everglades and is easily accessible for yachts up to 180 feet (55 m) in length…

Bradford Marine Bahamas Shipyard Location

Bradford Marine Bahamas shipyard is located only 60 nautical miles away from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the entrance of Freeport Harbour on west end of Grand Bahama Island. Beautiful Bahamian crystal clear waters lead the way to our sceduled location that provides protection from tropical storms.

Dania Cut Super Yacht Repair Facility

Bradford Marine Fort Lauderdale’s Shipyard and Dania Cut Super Yacht Repair Facility have joined forces to offer repair and refit services to 200+ foot super-yachts at Dania Cut’s deep-water megayacht service facility in Dania, Florida. This arrangement enables Bradford Marine to make their entire yacht repair and refit services available to larger mega-yachts at an additional location, and Dania Cut’s capabilities are enhanced by the full services that Bradford Marine offers.

Lauderdale Marine Center

Bradford Marine Fort Lauderdale’s shipyard and their full line of services are available at Lauderdale Marine Center by their opening of a new facility in LMC Bays 105 and 106. These services are in addition to and expand the capabilities of Bradford Marine’s highly-regarded shipyard on Fort Lauderdale’s Marina Mile.

Grand Bahama Shipyard

Bradford Marine’s Bahamas shipyard and Grand Bahama Shipyard will work together to provide the very best service to larger mega-yachts. Our shipyards are situated in the perfect tropical location. Their cooperation provides the capabilities and resources you need for quality drydocking, repairs, upgrades, and conversions of vessels of all sizes and types. We also have the ability to fabricate any marine structure

Port Everglades

Bradford Marine’s Fort Lauderdale shipyard can service yachts at the Port Everglades location with many types of yacht repair including painting and refinishing, mechanical repair, fiberglass fabrication and other types of yacht repair and maintenance.