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Your Adventure is about to begin …
ESCAPE on your dream Sailing Adventure! Explore, Relax, Feel Free!

Come aboard and let your dreams come true! Sail away with us and experience the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation aboard our 42 feet sailing boat.

The sail yacht Albatros can accommodate up to 10 persons on a dream-trip to Greek islands starting from Marina Alimos in Athens, Greece.

Charter holiday, day sail, private tours, sunset sail, cabin charter and much more…

Choose the Blue Water Sailing adventure that suits you best : we provide day trips with snorkeling expeditions, skippered sailing holidays from 2 days to 3 week charter, romantic sunset cruise, scuba diving trips and the possibility to mix them with other activities (visit archaeological sites, castles and fortress, cycle, trek etc.).

Bring your own group and privately charter Albatros or join one of our groups and charter only the cabin you need. Either way, you’ll have the time of your life!

Who can join us?

Our trips are safe fun and perfect for everyone from teenagers to grandparents for several reasons:

  • no previous experience needed: the crew will take care of the sailing, but if you would like to join, no problem, after all it’s your sailing holiday
  • you’ll have the possibility to discover wonderful sailing, the best waters, our secret hidden bays and the best islands
  • you will have all the facilities included in the price, from snorkeling equipment to wireless internet connection with no hidden charges
  • customer oriented, during the whole trip we will not only be your skipper – but also your guide and advisor

Why Us – What we offer

Blue Water Sailing is a friendly and customer oriented sailboat charter company that provides the most flexible and personal skippered cruises.


Imagine a day full of fun activities:

  • sail into a secluded bay and drop the anchor
  • join our snorkel safari and discover the underwater world
  • enjoy a lunch on board after all the swim and sunbathing
  • set sails for a new destination
  • step ashore and discover the island – rent a quad or bike and explore its secrets

Customized Trips

We consider that this is YOUR trip and we will make sure you will get the best of it.

For this, we are open for discussions, even the day before departure, and will listen to your proposals, ideas and preferences, compare them with our knowledge so you can have the best sail vacation ever

If you’re not sure just how many days you want to reserve for your sailing holiday but you have certain destinations in mind, or certain places that you’d like to visit or things you’d like to do, feel free to contact us so we can plan your dream vacation


For the certified divers who you can’t imagine a holiday without diving we can fix an itinerary to the best diving spots, help you rent the scuba equipment prior to our departure and accompany you in this underwater adventure.

As PADI certified dive instructors, we can prepare something also for non-divers that would like to see how it feels like breathing underwater and discover the marine life. We can arrange Discover Scuba Diving experience when you get your first acquaintance with the underwater world and learn the basic skills you need to dive under direct supervision.


There is nothing fixed about this sailing adventure – everything can be adapted to your desires: destination, number of days spend on board and optional activities : YOU decide!

We can arrange the type of trip that suits you best, from 3 hour sailing to a couple of weeks holidays. Choose from a wide range of packages (or tell us what else you have in mind ):

  • sunset sailing
  • one day sailing
  • weekend sailing gateways
  • sailing holidays (3-14 days)
  • sail and dive holidays
  • Greek archeology sail tours

Bring your own group and privately charter Albatros or join one of our groups and charter only the cabin you need. Either way, you’ll have the time of your life!

Personalised Instructions in diving, snorkeling, free-diving, sailing

Let us show you the submerged wonders of Greece:

SCUBA : With a great love and appreciation for the sea, we both followed our dream and became not only licensed skippers but also PADI scuba dive instructors so now we are able to add even more excitement and adventure to your sailing holidays and help you get you first certification as a diver.

SNORKEL : You want to discover the underwater beauties of Greece but never used a mask and snorkel before? There’s nothing to worry about … we will explain and demonstrate in detail you everything on how to use them prior to our guided snorkeling tour.
For the ones of you that love to play in water – we can help you learn some free-diving techniques so you keep your breath longer and reach bigger depths.

SAILING : If you’d like to get a first idea about the basics sailing, we can give you a short introduction and you can also be an active part of our team.

We love what the do, and enjoy every moment spent on water and we’ll will make sure that you will feel the same way.


How would you like to:

  • make an amazing incursion in Greece’s history
  • visit some of the best archaeological sites in Greece
  • explore castles and fortresses (some of them still inhabited) and get the wonderful feeling of traveling back in time
  • Let us take you to the world renowned theater of Epidaurus, the ancient Aegina and Aphaia Temple of Aegina, the amazing fortress of Momemvasia, the castle of Nafplio and so on…


  • Sailing vacations come with much more than sailing. Besides the classical sailing we can arrange for optional activities:
  • Explore the islands: walk the islands’ secret paths or and explore their beauties
  • Rent a bike or a quad and make a full tour of the island
  • Scuba dive and explore the hidden secrets of the underwater world
  • Party all night long at some of the dozens bars and clubs from the islands
  • Discover the islands’ local culture and enjoy the traditional cuisine by eating at a local tavern

All these can all be part of your vacation!

Pet Friendly

Enjoy your sailing holiday togheter with your furry friend, play in the sea and on the beaches. We welcome well behaved pets, provided some simple rules are followed.