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With us you can yachts , motor yachts , catamarans and gulets in the entire Mediterranean (France, Spain, Balearic Islands, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey), in the Atlantic Ocean (Canary Islands, Cape Verde) and the Caribbean (Guadeloupe, St. Martin, Martinique, BVI), United States , Cuba , the Seychelles , Maldives and Thailand charter.

Yachts in other exotic countries you get on special request.
See for yourself on our website! A small selection of our offered yachts you will find on our yacht viewfinder. If you will not find it there, please contact us directly. We have many other yachts in our offer!

In the section you will find our luxury yachts worldwide luxury yachts . Other luxury yachts, please visit our new Luxury Yacht website http://www.bluesun-luxury-yachts.com . For detailed information, prices of yachts depicted and other offers for mega yachts available on direct request via email, fax or phone!

For our clients we are also on the weekend.

Charter worldwide
Select your desired area. We offer yachts in the Mediterranean (Croatia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey and France), as well as many more in distant places such as Thailand, Seychelles, Caribbean, Cuba, Tahiti, Cape Verde. at.

Croatia is a country of a thousand islands and a beautiful, elongated Coast, a paradise for boaters.

Elba and its neighboring islands in the Tuscan Archipelago, the north of Sardinia, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands-there are beautiful areas charter.

Majorca has plenty of beautiful bays, particularly along the east coast. The north coast of Mallorca is characterized by a 1500 meter high mountain and falls off sharply toward the water.

Ionian Islands: The island group between Corfu and Zakynthos is an ideal entry-level area.

The best sailing areas are located on the western coast of Turkey between Cesme in the north (near Izmir) and Antalya in the south. The spot in Cesme is the eastern Aegean, the area is called the southeastern Mediterranean in Antalya.

Target Airport: Marseille, Nice Airport, Toulon-Hyères Airport

The Cuban coast, the quality and cleanliness is high is recognized, with its more than 300 beaches in remarkable condition hardly übertreffbare ecosystems represent Many of these beaches are sheltered by the offshore coral reefs, which are located around the coastline.

Cape Verde
For entry to German citizens need an even 6 months valid passport and a visa Cape Verdean. The German child’s passport is fully recognized.

Guadeloupe (Pointe à Pitre) St. Martin / Martinique (Le Marin), Tortola, St. Lucia, Grenada, etc.

Mahé (Angel Fish Marina in Victoria), Praslin (Baie St Anne).

The waters and 200 + islands around Phuket to the border of Malaysia offer ideal sailing conditions throughout the year. The peak season from November to April is characterized primarily by NE winds, while in the green season from May to October, the prevailing wind direction west.