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At the Spit Pontoon, Muriel Henchman Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast, QLD, 4217. Free parking is within 100 metres. Please be aware that peak holiday traffic can cause the usual 10 minute drive from Surfers Paradise to Muriel Henchman Drive to be extended to 20 minutes. Muriel Henchman Drive is the first turn left after passing Sea World and Sea World Nara Resort on Sea World Drive Main Beach. Your boarding time will be advised/confirmed when you book and is usually 6 am or 11:15 am. (NB. Your credit card number and expiry date are required to book).

BK’s Fishing Charters, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

About your Skipper/Fishing guide, Crew, Boat and our Gold Coast Fishing Company.

Your skipper and fishing guide, Cap’n Bob Krojs (Australian born 1958) has skippered and fished an average of 300 Australian Gold Coast ocean, reef, deep-sea and game fishing trips per year since the opening of our safe Gold Coast Seaway in 1987. This wealth of experience will show when you join us for your fishing adventure. Bob and his wife Maryanne are the Owners/skipper/operators of BK’s Australian Gold Coast Fishing Charters and with their son Chris and daughter Rebecca as your deckhand the inherent professionalism and added service from being a “family business” cannot be surpassed. Our personal goal on every trip is to see everyone so happy with their days fishing, boating and sightseeing that they want to and do come back again and again.

Your boat for your trip is a fantastically safe and stable fishing platform, as used by many rescue authorities, it is a 10 meter/33 foot, Cougar Catamaran, named “Reef Cat 2”. It is licensed to carry 12 guests. Built to government survey regulations, survey safety equipped, and fitted with the latest fishing electronics, it is a fast, , stable, twin hulled, wide bodied, twin engine boat with ample seating under a large roof area.

Of particular note for the ladies, there is an enclosed, modern, electric flushing, highly sanitized, private toilet in the forward cabin. It is complemented with an electric, fresh running water tap with basin, liquid soap, mirror and disinfectant deodorizers.

BKs Gold Coast Fishing Charters/Our strengths in point form follow.

First time and experienced anglers, sightseers, mum, dad, kids, grandparents, the boys’ or the girls’ day out, all are extremely welcome on BK’s Gold Coast Fishing Charters and gladly assisted by your skipper and deckhand in a safe, fun, friendly atmosphere.

Corporate / work group team building fun is also our forte, eg, novelty prize/trophy categories include ~ the first, most, biggest and smallest fish, “The Einstein” and “Your Shout”, its a lota laughs, please enquire.

Your boat for your adventure is a twin hulled, wide-bodied, stable, 10 metre Cougar Catamaran that is powered by 2 quiet, smokeless, 250hp Yamaha, four stroke motors.

We provide MAXIMUM fishing time for you, it’s only 15 minutes boat driving time to our first Pacific Ocean reef, a proven hot spot where our guests regularly catch spanish, spotted and school mackerel, cobia, tuna, shark, tailor and large blue spotted reef flathead.

Of particular note, especially for the ladies, the toilet is electric flushing, extremely clean and highly sanitized. It is complemented with an electric fresh water tap with basin, liquid soap, mirror and disinfectant deodorizers.

We supply quality Penn and Shimano rods and reels, overhead and spinning, left handed outfits are available. No stretch, feel every bite, “Super Braid”, Berkley “Whiplash” fishing line is also supplied.

Due to our lower overheads i.e. (High Tech economical Yamaha 250hp four stroke motors, no marina fees, tackle and bait purchasing in bulk and owner operator family staff) we are the LOWEST PRICE fishing charters on the Gold Coast.

Some testimonials follow………..

We came with no expectations and left with memories that we will treasure and never forget- Hi to all the BKs Gold Coast Fishing Charters fishing team, Just a short email to thank you all for such a great day out, words cannot express the gratitude we felt from the experience of our very first ocean charter fishing trip it was awesome to say the least! Maryanne thank you for your patience from the multiple email enquires to us. Bob and Bec thank you so much for a fantastic day out, the cobia/black kingfish was just a bonus; Jason and I had the best days fishing ever; we learnt a lot in the short time with you. We came with no expectations and left with memories that we will treasure and never forget. We have already started to plan the next trip. Kindest Regards John & Jason Noble.

Office Topic – from Pretar Harris to BK’s Gold Coast Fishing Charters – Bob, thanks for the fantastic day out on Saturday. Everybody really enjoyed it and it has been the discussion topic of the whole office for the last three days. I have forwarded on your details to a couple of work colleagues who want to take their families out. Also everybody here is keen for another trip, Kind Regards, Pretar Harris. Qinvest, South Queensland.

My Epic Battle – from Ken to BK’s Gold Coast Fishing Charters – At daybreak on the 4th of October while most of my work colleagues were in slumber land, an epic battle between man and beast was underway in the Pacific Ocean. I was on BK’s Gold Coast Fishing Charters boat approximately 9 kilometers out to sea opposite Surfers Paradise, when I hooked this monster of the deep. The skills I had learnt in the waters of the Goulburn River were of little use. This, “whatever it was” took the live baitfish with such force that I thought I had hooked Jaws III.

An intense struggle then took place between fish and man, the fish desperately trying to throw the hook, tow us to the south pole or pull me out of the boat, me wondering – “What the hell is going on here.” I attempted to reel it in, centimeter by centimeter, meter by meter, painstakingly, frustratingly but with amazing anticipation of success mixed with pangs of anxiety and fear of failure it inched closer and slowly closer to the boat, (the coaching of technique from the crew was incredible) finally a flash of colour – brown and white, a silhouette – huge, a fin broke the surface, someone called “shark”, Capt’n Bob grinned – “nah – better – Cobia – Black kingfish – fantastic eating”, I was elated, thinking victory was close, the gaff was within one meter – to my astonishment it “ran” taking out what seemed to be more line that it previously had – 4 Bloody times, 4 different Bloody directions, then it just sulked on the bottom. All along Captain Bob, shouted instructions in colorful dialect, “If you let it rest, we’ll be here all day – but when it runs let him run, when it stops, turn him – he’s buggered – work him back – pump and wind – smooth – “Rex would be proud of you”. 33 minutes passed, (by the stop watch) it seemed like 3 hours, the gaff struck, slam – it hit the deck to the thunderous cheers of all on board – I stared in shock – did I really catch that? Someone said, pick it up – it’s Kodak time, where did the strength come from? How do you feel asked Bob – What a rush, they won’t believe this back home. It weighed 39kg, made the Channel 9 news (fish of the week) and all my mates back at the Gold Coast resort we stayed at were eating juicy fresh fish for the remainder of the week. Thanks to BK’s Gold Coast Fishing Charters – for the unforgettable experience.