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Australia’s Unique Network of Superyacht Agency Professionals.

ASYS is the leading superyacht support agent in Australia; providing the highest quality support to superyacht captains, owners and crews.

With offices and representatives in each port in Australia and throughout the region, we offer a full service of superyacht support along with flexible options on the service levels we provide.
Please click on a port of interest for details of our agency office in that region.

ASYS Superyacht Charter

Australia is one of the world’s most coveted destinations for vacationers and thrill-seekers on luxury yachts. It has it all: pristine waters, natural wonders known the world over, such as the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour, gorgeous beaches, vibrant cities with incredible attractions, unique flora & fauna in their native habitats… this list goes on. The future is incredibly bright, and the coming years hold many opportunities for personal growth and professional enrichment in the Australian Superyacht Industry.
ASYS Superyacht Charter Services

If you are coming to Australia and want to explore the boundless joys offered by its surrounding blue oceans, we can provide you with a luxury yacht that will allow you to conduct your adventure in style & grace. We have a large selection to choose from – Megayachts, Superyachts, motor yachts, power boats, and more – and we will be able to provide a vessel that matches your needs and budget.

ASYS offers full support, including concierge services, marine fuel, provisioning, and many other marine services, both standard and exceptional. Trust us to handle all the details to make your charter boat experience the best it can be.

Chartering Your Luxury Yacht

If you own a private Superyacht and you wish to undertake the occasional charter in between uses, or if you are looking for serious charter work, Australasian Superyacht Services can assist you in certifying your motor yacht to legally charter in Australian waters. We will guide you through the application process, prepare your vessel for inspection, and assist you in obtaining all the relevant permits. Once your luxury yacht is approved to charter, ASYS can help keep you in top shape with our full range of support services.

ASYS About Us

Welcome to Australasian Superyacht Services, the unsurpassed provider of premier luxury yacht marine services for Australia, Oceania, and the South Pacific. Our staff have several decades of combined experienced in the Superyacht industry, and have time and again demonstrated their ability to deliver at the very highest levels of service & proficiency.Marine Services & Luxury Yacht Support

Owners & captains of Superyachts have a need for marine services of the highest quality and attention to detail, and ASYS is proud to be recognised as an industry leader in providing these services:

  • Concierge Services – Local support from our expert professionals, at the concierge level of service. Your needs will be looked after throughout your time spent in Australia’s beautiful waters, by a team that is as passionate about their local region as they are diligent in servicing your needs.
  • Fuel – Through our wholly-owned subsidiary Australian Superyacht Fuel, we offer Australia’s most comprehensive luxury yacht marine fuel & lubricants supply. Our prices are very competitive, and we deliver your fuel with convenience and safety.
  • Supplies & Provisions – We can supply you with everything you need to keep your Megayacht running smoothly, from food & beverages, to engineering items, spare parts, and housekeeping supplies.
  • Refit & Repair – ASYS partners with the top contractors to provide the very best refit & repair services for luxury yachts. Count on us to ensure that your repairs are accomplished skilfully, quickly, and at competitive rates.
  • Superyacht Charter – If you would like to experience the natural marine splendours of Australia in luxury & style, we have a number of Superyachts, luxury yachts, power boats, and charter yachts for you to choose from. If you own a luxury yacht in Australia and are looking to charter it in between uses, we can help.
  • Air Charter – When you need to reach destinations inland, avoid inclement weather, or simply need to get from one place to the next as soon as possible, we offer air charter services with a wide variety of airplane & helicopter types.
  • Superyacht Crew Recruitment & Training – ASYS offers a range of professional Superyacht crew classes for those new to the industry, as well as for experienced hands looking to develop their skills and opportunities. We also host regular free information meetings for anyone looking to find out more about this wonderful career opportunity.

Our Commitment to Client Care

As service providers to the world’s business & cultural elite, at Australasian Superyacht Services we understand the importance of keeping the needs and wishes of our clients as our foremost consideration. To that end, we make the following service goals our mission:

  • Client Satisfaction
    Your happiness and satisfaction trump all other concerns. Whether you are here to cruise our diverse & pristine coastline, sample the abundant pleasures of our cities & attractions, or undertake refit & repair in our world-class shipyards, your time spent in our waters should be joyful, prosperous, and fulfilling. ASYS will be here to guide & support you at every step.
  • Competitive Rates
    At ASYS, we are intimately aware of the budgetary demands faced by luxury yacht owners and captains every day. We leverage our experience as veteran Superyacht captains and luxury yacht professionals to discover new ways to trim expenses, eliminate waste, and increase the competitiveness of our rates… and all without compromising service. You can rest assured that we can develop a service package that is tailored to fit your individual needs.
  • Optimised Accounting
    We keep the accounting simple – you will never be at a loss to know your invoices, and we will help you keep track as you move from port to port. When you depart Australia, we provide you with a simplified GST reimbursement process for applicable expenses.
  • Availability
    ASYS is always there when you need us! We provide first class agency support to cruising luxury yachts via a network of offices in most ports throughout Australia – we are not tied to a single port, like the majority of ‘single port specific’ Superyacht agents in the region. Agency services offered at all of our port offices include all customs, immigration & quarantine issues, electronic crew visas, charter registration, duty free fuel, customs clearance on spare parts, freight forwarding & assistance, and the reimbursement of GST (VAT) on eligible port costs, repairs, refit and sundry expenses.For additional information on individual locations, please click on a port of interest for details of our agency office in that region.
  • Key Strategic Partnerships
    When outside support is required, we have ensured that our clients are placed at the front of the line. ASYS has aligned itself with the best that the industry has to offer in berthing facilities, refit shipyards, and industry associations, to ensure that we have access to an unrivalled network of supporters. We are in touch regularly with the maritime government agencies, so that regulatory hurdles can be addressed swiftly and successfully. Our diligence in maintaining these relationships ensures that our clients and their vessels are treated with the utmost respect & care.

Australasian Superyacht Services proudly upholds its reputation as the leading Superyacht support agent in Australia. The quality and precision of our service are balanced with a passion for the luxury yacht community that is unmatched. We look forward to helping you make your time in Australasian waters as joyful as they can be.