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Chile Adventure Travel in Comfort: Cultural Visits, Sea Kayaking, biking, birdwatching, trekking, and much more…


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Our experts are here to help you create the trip of a lifetime. From the Atacama Desert to the ice fields of Patagonia to Chile’s fine wine and famous fly fishing, you can pick “stand alone” options below or work owith us to tailor make the “perfect” option for you.

Patagonian Fjords & Islands By Sea

“One of five unique boat journeys in the World !”
The Guardian Travel Section,

About Us

“Experience the Majesty of Patagonia, the Unique Culture and Mystery of Chiloe Island…”

Specializing in small group excursions on land and comfortable cruises, the tours are designed for discerning travelers who wish to experience more than just the beautiful sights by promoting interaction with the local culture and education about the regional flora and fauna.

Team Austral
Britt Lewis Director Experienced as a backcountry guide and SCUBA divemaster, Britt came to Chile to explore both the mountains and sea. After several years in Chile working for a travel guide and agency, he found the perfect outlet for his skills and dreams. His travel and tourism experience proved the perfect background for the creation Austral Adventures. After more than a decade growing the company, his expert knowledge and attention to detail has Britt creating unique travel experiences throughout the Chile and into neighboring countries..

Eduardo Vallejo Subdirector A native of Santiago, Eduardo has worked for many years in tourism, from the operations of large cruise lines to bespoke tour operators in the south. He brings his knowledge of client satisfaction and his enthusiasm for travel and outdoor activities to his work here at Austral. His special skill with bike riding and trekking tours has broadened Austral’s offerings on the Island of Chiloe and throughout the south to include more and more outdoor adventures.

Sandra Echegaray Cuisine & Everything in between: A native of the Peruvian highlands, Sandra brings a lifetime of experience to her multi-faceted job. Although trained as an architect, Sandra has worked in tourism from Cusco to London and first came to Chile in the early 90’s. From designing the gourmet menus onboard Cahuella to taking professional photographs to managing the office, Sandra’s flexibility and multiple skills add a touch of style to Austral Adventures’ operations.