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Specializing in luxury private boat charters on board crewed yachts in Greece, and this is what our yacht charter brokers do best! Whether you are a first time Charterer or an ardent pro, our yacht charter brokers can assist you in planning your next dream crewed boat charter in the Greek islands. We guarantee you will have the best sailing adventure in Greece. Having the knowledge of Greek crews, the Greek fleet, and of the Greek yachting itineraries we can make your trip a great one.

Private Yachts For Charter

If you’re planning to charter a yacht to cruise any destination of your desire, with the assistance of a highly experienced and qualified team, WELCOME TO ABSOLUTE YACHTING! Your journey begins with you choosing your yacht from our extended crewed fleet. Our fleet consists of mega yachts, motor yachts, motor sailers, sailing yachts and catamarans of various lengths and designs. All yachts listed are each with their own personality and singled out by our team of experts to meet all client demands for Private Luxury Yacht Rentals , limited to no destination. Have a look at our Yacht Charter Clients’ Feedback, enabling you to get a feel of what our services offered mean to people, because for Absolute Yachting, clients are not just clients, they are people whom we want to see again and make their journey become a destination.

Absolute Yachting is one of the primary worldwide private yacht chartering companies, because for our team of experts success is nonnegotiable. If your charter is a corporate event, special occasion, family vacation or just a simple getaway, then all you have to do is contact us. We will infuse your demand with the ideal yacht and tailor make your itinerary for Greece , Turkey , Croatia , West Mediterranean , Caribbean and breathtaking Coasts with services only Absolute Yachting knows how to provide.

Our company’s charter brokers are agents who are familiar with all legal and practical aspects for yacht chartering. Our brokers take into consideration all needs and make sure to assist with all arrangements clients will have or run into. Further to the passion and dedication our brokers have, kindly view other reasons why our brokers are the perfect choice for your Luxury Motor Yacht Charters.

Besides our company’s global recognition and reputable relations with worldwide shipyards, naval architects, designers and other industry firms, we frequently visit and inspect the yachts of our fleet and their crew, assuring that the services rendered comply with your standards, expectations and quality purchased.

Corporate Charters
Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to organize a corporate charter on board of a yacht. It really makes your clients feel special and it is highly recommended.

A yacht can offer you the appropriate amenities to perform your meetings in a very special manner.

Important deals can be closed on board of luxury yachts, next to Monaco, or Cannes, or St Tropez or in Bahamas.

For example, fly in your client on a private jet to South of France and welcome him/her on board for a special meeting. Replace his hotel with a luxurious vessel and organize a memorable time on board. All equipment you need for presentations will be on board.

Nice 5 star service , gourmet meals, special wines and refreshments… all is there to make the perfect environment to close a deal or thank an important client.

ABSOLUTE YACHTING has the experience to organize such corporate charters. We do care about the results and we know how important this is for you! Trust our experts and the outcome will be fantastic, more than expected! Contact us today for your corporate yacht charter.

Event Charters and Static Charters for Shows
During the biggest events around the globe, yachts become the private areas for receiving guests, mixing entertainment , business and pleasure.

Such events are the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, MIPIM, MIDEM, Cannes Lions Advertisement Festival, MIPCOM and others.

Hosting your guests aboard a luxurious vessel during any of the above events, requires knowledge of the event, of the port regulations, and berth reservation process, organization of catering, and much more.

ABSOLUTE YACHTING undertakes all tasks to organize your event or static charter, from a to z. Our Charter experts will guide you to find the perfect yacht, will help you fill in all forms for the reservation of berth during the Shows and will assist you in achieving the total success!

Your guests will be delighted and will always remember the attention they received from the professional crew service!

Contact us today to discuss your Event Charter needs! Please do not forget that if you would like to have a reservation in the marina, sufficient time should be given to your Charter Broker, to achieve such task. If inquiry is made at the last minute, berth is not guaranteed. So, please call us or email us today to start planning for your special event!

Sailing Holidays Mediterranean

Absolute Yachting is a professional yacht charter company offering sailing holidays in the Mediterranean. Our yacht charter fleet is comprised of luxury motor yachts, catamarans, sailing yachts and other boats available for your private cruises in many destinations, including Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Spain and French Riviera.

Luxury Yacht Charter Mediterranean offers bareboat and skippered yacht charter services for a perfect sailing holiday. A Mediterranean sailing cruise is a unique opportunity to discover many charming places, such as French Riviera, Corsica and Sardinia. Enjoy your luxury vacation onboard a crewed motor yacht of your choice!

Let Absolute Yachting take care of all your sailing vacations needs! Contact Us today!

Whether you chose yacht charters in the Eastern Mediterranean or the West Mediterranean, it is certain that you will be fascinated by its diversity and glamour, style and elegance!

The Eastern Mediterranean itineraries that include such places as Greece, Turkey, Croatia, have stunning beautiful areas to see, sandy beaches to spend great time, nice picturesque ports to dine out or walk along the coast line, unique architecture to admire!

Charter sailing onboard of a luxury yacht, a sailing yacht or a catamaran will offer you an extraordinary discovery adventure, taking you away and bringing you back to ancient times, while you enjoy the sun shine and the blue skies… The local people, their traditional cuisine and cultural heritage – all that together makes a magic experience in many ways! A journey of a life time!

The Western part of the Mediterranean is a magnificent get away. Discover boat charters onboard of a luxury yacht along the French Riviera, or the beautiful colorful coast of Italy, visiting the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, the Balearics or the coast of Spain. All these areas in the West Med have something unique to offer and thus, your holidays will certainly be full of sweet memories!

Some of the most famous places in West Med are: Monaco (where the Grand Prix takes place every year), Cannes (with the famous Cannes Film Festival), Nice, Capri, Amalfi coast, St. Tropez and more! Many people from all over the world choose Monaco Yacht Charter to enjoy their Monte Carlo Grand Prix vacations or prefer to rent a luxury super yacht in Cannes during the Film Festival. Contact Us for booking a luxury boat during those glamorous events!

There is no better way to get to know the East Med or the West Mediterranean than traveling on board of a charter yacht. Visit one place after the other! Feel the culture of each area and blend with nature and every day life of the locals!

Turkey is a beautiful country for bareboat and crewed yacht charter. Many people who like the magic of a vacation with nature, sport and relax, choose this cruising destination. The country is surrounded by seas: Mediterranean sea in the South, Aegean sea in the West and Black sea in the North. Its climate, its geological and geomorphic character and structure, as well as its topography are important elements that make Turkey so popular. Those who love the charm of an exotic sailing holiday visit this country. Every year Yacht Charter in Turkey attracts more people. During the summer period, especially from May to the end of September many individual motor boats and flotilla sailing yachts “weave” the Turkish coast. Some people choose skippered luxury gulet charter, others prefer the adventure of a bareboat charter. Whatever type you are, your unforgettable sailing experience is guaranteed.

There are great many itineraries for your Turkish Yacht Charter Holiday. Here are some cruising tours selected by Absolute Yachting

Greek Island Sailing

Sailing Holidays in Greece are very popular. More and more people each year choose Yacht Charters in Greece to discover the magic of the Greek Islands!

Let Absolute Yachting take care of your Greek Island Sailing holidays! Contact Us today!

Greece has about 6.000 islands and islets. They are situated in the Aegean and Ionian seas, to the east and to the west of the mainland. The Greek islands are tradionally grouped as follows:

The Greek Ionian Islands lie in the western side of Greece. They include, among others, Corfu, Zante or Zakynthos, Cephallonia, Lefkas, Ithaca, Meganissi, Paxoi, Antipaxoi etc.

Gavdos (south of Crete) and Elafonissos (in Peloponissos) are particularly attractive and worth visiting during your Greek Island sailing.

Greece, even though it is a small surface country, has the most chartering vessels, comparing to other countries. Greece Boat Charter has become a major field of the touristic industry.

Sailing vacations in Greece is a unique experience! Whether you chose to cruise onboard of a sailing yacht, a catamaran, a motor yacht or a luxury super yacht, Greece is a fascinating destination!

A Greek island yacht charter will bring you back to ancient times while you enjoy the blue skies, sunshine and crystal clear blue waters.

Caribbean Sailing Vacations

Yacht Charters in the Caribbean Sea and its islands are extremely popular with people who enjoy sailing vacations. The region comprises more than 7.000 islands. Those islands are also called “West Indies” because Columbus landed there in 1942 and he believed that he was in the Indies, in Asia.

Absolute Yachting is one of the top yacht charter broker companies providing boat rental services in these destinations. We organize your luxury Caribbean sailing vacations from A to Z. If you wish to escape to a paradise place and experience a unique yacht charters vacation, this is the place to be! White sand beaches, great snorkeling experiences, large waves for surfing in certain areas, and calm waters in other places. Scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins, simply relaxing and swimming in crystal turquoise clear waters those are the pleasures that expect you if you choose to charter a yacht in the Caribbean.

Most of the large isles also offer excellent shopping, golf courses, farms to visit, nice places for dining out or having a refreshing drink and pleasant local music. The Caribbean islands have a very rich flora and diversified vegetation, lush rainforests, lots of beautiful trees and bird species. The nature here is stunning! Each year thousands of tourists choose Caribbean yacht sailing to discover the exotic beauties of this part of the world. The romantic sandy beaches and the beautiful waters attract many visitors on their crewed mega yacht charters or luxurious sailing yacht vacations.

The Caribbean islands used to be colonies of different European nations at some point through the years and some still are.

New England Yacht Charters

The New England area is a great area for yachting! You can do numerous things here, visit interesting places and have a wonderful experience with cruising in New England along with your family and friends!

The old islands of New England which were commercial whaling and merchant trading centers in the old days they are now great yachting destinations.

You can cruise around Cape Cod, or visit the Martha’s Vineyard, go fishing, visit interesting towns, eat in elegant restaurants, or have wonderful nightlife! You can do it all, you can have it all, while cruising along the beautiful northeast coast of America! Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine…etc. Many areas to see and plenty of things to do! The cruising holiday in the area is very enjoyable, and offers a great diversity!

Newport in Rhode Island has lots of cruising yachts to choose from, no matter what your budget is. Let us help you chose the perfect one for your holidays! Pick any summer month to spend some time on the sea with your family, enjoy the Newport Folk or Jazz festivals, visit ashore, and then cruise away and leave the towns behind you. Cruise towards the peaceful sceneries you are going to “meet” along the way! It will be something that you remember for life! A stop in Nantucket is worthwhile, to visit the numerous historic museums, the galleries, the shops and the restaurants. You might want to spend a couple of days here.

Chose the boat that will take you to unforgettable spots, in order to enjoy your holidays! Just lay back and trust your experienced captain and crew! This is the holiday of a lifetime! Combines comfort, diversity, excellent hospitality, site seeing, enjoying water sports, fishing, etc!

However you plan your Luxury New England Yacht Charter holiday, Absolute Yachting will make your dream come true! Everything will be perfectly planned for you, by our Yacht Charter Specialists!

Miami, Florida

If you chose to do a charter around South Florida or Miami, we can offer you the best selection of crewed luxury boats ! No matter how big is your group or what is the purpose of your cruise, please ask one of our Charter Specialists to assist you and present you a selection of reputable Charter yachts in the area!

We specialize in the Crewed Luxury Yachts such: Mega Yacht Charters, Motor Yacht Charters, Crewed Catamarans, and Crewed Sailing Yachts.

We can customize your charter and work on every aspect of your trip! Contact us to today to consult one of our Yacht Charter Brokers and start planning your cruise in South Florida !